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We are Botanicals & Natural Products Ltd, as the name would suggest we are a company that
specialises in the sourcing and supply of Natural Products. Comprising mostly of barks, herbs, roots, leaves and extracts.

The largest and most important of these is WITCH HAZEL.

What can I use it for?

Witch Hazel is valued for it’s astringency, toning and cleansing properties and is a
prime ingredient in the international cosmetics and skin care industry.

It also has medicinal use as an astringent, an anti-haemorrhagic and an
anti-inflammatory in the treatment of Haemorrhoids.

It is used as an active ingredient in eyewash preparations worldwide.

Historically the plant has been used by native North American Indians as a poultice for painful
swellings, bruises and inflammations as well as a treatment for insect bites and burns.


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